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Projects 2nd Phase

Development of New Precursor Ceramics based on Metal-modified Poysilazanes with a High Potential for Application in Adsorption and Catalysis

Prof. Dr. Rhett Kempe
University of Bayreuth
Dept. of Inorganic Chemistry II

Dr. Günter Motz
University of Bayreuth
Ceramic Materials Engineering

This research project aims at the development of novel ceramics which can be used under strict operating conditions (temperature, aggressive media) and applied as ceramic separating modules and catalysts by means of additional functionalisation with tailor-made porosity. These nanoscaled inorganic materials are based on starting materials which will be produced by molecular design - chemical bonding of novel metal complexes to oligomers and/or polymer SiCN precursors and subsequently converted to porous ceramics with energy dispersive metal distribution via pyrolysis. For the 2nd project phase the following research work is planned:-optimisation of the pore design -upscaling of complex syntheses  -synthesis of new bi-metallic metal complex precursors  -combination of porous and metal disperged systems -synthesis of macroporous supporting foams with mesorporous particulate ceramics possessing a refined surface -examination of selected physical properties of the newly optimized materials -catalytic model studies The development of ceramics can only be achieved step by step and will involve the close cooperation of various fields of study as well as more consolidated interdisciplinary research work in the 2nd project phase.

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