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Projects 2nd Phase

Si-O-C Pyrolysis Ceramics: Structures, Properties and Optimisation of the Formation Processes based on Molecular Design of Organic / Inorganic Precursors

Dr.-Ing. Rainer Oberacker
University of Karlsruhe
Institute for Ceramics in
Mechanical Engineering

Pyrolysis ceramics based on Si-O-C have high potential for application as micromechanical components exposed to high tribological and corrosive stress. The continued research work in the field of polymer synthesis and pyrolysis entails three main objectives: (i): By the molecular design of monomers based on silanols and later vinyl siloxanes, the composition and the microstructure of the end product will be adapted accordingly. (ii): The polymer precursors will be fractioned in starting materials by a narrow molecular weight distribution via a membrane separating process. (iii) Determination of the pyrolysis kinetics and creation of a microkinetic model for siloxane pyrolysis. Other objectives concentrate on the field of further processing of the fractioned precursors. The mechanical properties will be determined according to various states of dislocation by using precursor ceramics from different molecular precursors in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the structure-property correlation of the Si-O-C materials. The long-term goal is to provide a method kit for the production of low-cost, easily-produced materials with individually adjustable material qualities.

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