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Poster Prize Winner:

Mechanical Properties of Superhard Nanocomposites Prepared under High Pressure-High Temperature                                                                                       Tatiana Barsukova, Marcus R. Schwarz, Edwin Kroke



Rheological Properties of Micelle-Stabilized BaTiO3 Nanoparticle and Zirconia Alkoxide Hybridsolutions and Their Thin Film Phase Formation Behavior           K. Schindler, A. Dellert, A. Roosen, T. Schneller, R. Waser, S. Halder, A.-C. Dippel, C. Pithan, J. Dornseiffer, S.B. Majumder

Synthesis, Electrochemical and surface analysis of Olivine phosphates - novel composite materials for Li-Ion Batteries                                                         M.S. Bhuvaneswari, N. Bramnik, D. Ensinger, H. Ehrenberg, W. Jaegermann

(Oligo)Phenothiazines in Mesoporous Silica: New Redox-Active, Covalent Hybrid Materials                                                                                                           Adam W. Franz, Thomas J. J. Müller

Comparison between polymer - polymer and polymer - inorganic hybrid thin films for photovoltaic applications                                                                             G. Kaune, M. Ruderer, P. Müller-Buschbaum

Integrated Approaches in Self Assembled Nanomaterials for Photovoltaic Applications                                                                                                                   M. Memesa, Y.-J. Cheng, J. Perlich, P. Müller-Buschbaum, J.S. Gutmann

New Au/TiO2 catalysts for the CO oxidation based on mesoporous supports     Y. Denkwitz, J. Geserick, U. Hörmann, U. Kaiser, N. Hüsing and R. J. Behm

Effects of the molecular distribution of siloxane resin on the pyrolysis of precursors and properties of SiOC-ceramics                                                         M. Haussmann, H.Bockhorn, M. Esfehanian, R. Oberacker

Modified mesoporous silicas: inorganic proton conductors as additives for fuel cell membrane application                                                                                   Roland Marschall, Michael Wark, Jürgen Caro

MICROSTRUCTURE CHARACTERIZATION OF ULTRA-HARD BN NANOCOMPOSITES                                                                                                     M. Motylenko, V. Klemm, G. Schreiber, D. Rafaja, M. Schwarz, T. Barsukova, E. Kroke

Structure Formation at the Nano-Scale in Polymer-Derived-Ceramics                 Peter Kroll, Ranber Singh

Proton conducting nanohybrids based on polysiloxanes and functionalized particles for fuel cells operating above 100°C                                                           Michaela Wilhelm, Michael Jeske, Dietmar Koch, Georg Grathwohl

Characterization of nanostructured films of inorganic-organic hybrid materials with x-ray scattering under grazing incidence                                                         J. Perlicher, Y. J. Cheng, J. S. Gutmann, S. V. Roth, P. Müller-Buschbaum

Novel Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials by Covalent Anchoring of Phenothiazines on MCM-41                                                                                         Z. Zhou, W. R. Thiel, A. Franz, T. J. J. Müller


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