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Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan

Special Issue by Guest Editors Organic- to- Inorganic Conversion Process for Polymer- Derived Ceramics

Silicon-Based Polymer-Derived Ceramics: Synthesis Properties and Applications-A Review

Development of High Performance SiC Fibers Derived From Polycarbosilane Using Electron Beam Irradiation Curing-A Review

Fabrication of SiC-Based Ceramic Microstructures from Preceramic Polymers with Sacrifical Templates and Lithographic Techniques - A Review

Facile Synthetic Route of Polycarbosilane as a SiC Precursor with Zeolite Catalysts

Preparation of Si-Al-N-C Ceramic Composites by Pyrolysis of Blended Precursors

Precipitation Processing to Synthesize Fine Polycarbosilane Particles for Precursors of Silicon Carbide Powders

Conversion of Perhydropolysilazane-to-Silica Thin Films by Exposure to Vapor from Aqueous Ammonia at Room Temperature

Synthesis of Poly[ (cyanophenyl)silylene-p-Phenylene]s as Patternable Ceramics Precursors

Structural Evolution during Conversion of Polycarbosilane Precursor into Silicon Carbide-Based Microporous Membranes

Processing of Highly Porous, Open-Cell, Microcellular Silicon Carbide Ceramics by Expansion Methode Using Expandable Microspheres

Synthesis and Ceramization of Polymethylsilane Precursors Modified with Metal Chlörides

Synthesis and Characterization öf Novel Non-Oxide Sol-Gel Derived Mesoporous Amorphous Si-C-N Membranes

High-Temperature Deformation of Si-C-N Monoliths Containing Residual Amorphous Phase Derived from Polyvinylsilazane

SiC-Based Ceramic fibers Prepared via Organic-to-Inorganic Conversion Process - A Review

Pyrolytic Organic-to-Inorganic Conversion of Precursors into AlN - A Review

Preparation of Polyorganoborosilazanes and Conversion into Ultra-High-Temperature Borosilicon carbonitrides

Preparation of Polysiloxazanes and Their Transformation to Silicon Oxynitride

Low Temperature Crystallization Behavior of α-Si3H4 from Ti-Doped Amorphous Silicon Nitride Derived from Polytitanasilazanes

Silicon Carbide Base Ceramic Fiber Synthesis from Polycarbosilane-Polymehylsilane Blend Polymers by Melt Spinning

Polymer-Derived SiBCN Ceramic and their Potential Application for High Temperature Membranes

Gas Permeation Properties of Amorphous SiC Membranes Synthesized from Polycarbosilane without Oxygen-Curing Process

Mesoporous Si-B-N Ceramics from a Single Precursor via an Imide Gel

Synthesis and Characterization of Bulky FSM with Interconnected Mesopore-Networks Using an HHP Methode

Organic-to-Inorganic Conversion Process of a Cage-Type AlN Precursor Poly(ethyliminoalane)

Preparation of Mesoporous Silicon Carbide from Nano-Sized SiC Particles and Polycarbosilane

Oil Wettability and Sliding Properties of Organic and Inorganic Hybrid Coating Films Prepared from Methyltriethoxysilane and Various Metal Alkoxides

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