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Projects 2nd Phase

Composite Materials Derived from Molecular Precursors via Tandem CVD and Sol-gel Techniques

Professor Dr. Michael Veith
INM - Leibniz-Institut für Neue Materialien GmbH

Molecular compounds of the general formula AlHx(OR)3-x or M(OR)n (M = Ge, Sn, Pb; n = 2, 4) will be applied to surfaces in successive processes creating multilayer (nanoscaled) materials. The first processing step involves the formation of a metastable oxidic phase mainly achieved via gas phase deposition (CVD). A second layer, whose chemical composition is different from the first layer, will be applied to the first layer under thermally effective conditions (via the sol-gel process). The metastable layer will be transformed by local energy input, which can either lead to µ scale structuring or affect the entire surface of the substrate. It is essential to examine the behaviour of the second “wrapping” layer. This newly conceived process aims to create new composite systems containing oxidic, hybrid and metal components as well as special agglomerates such as nanowires or nanoparticles with a multiple phase assembly. The fundamental chemical research work will be accompanied by the construction of a plant integrating the proposed technique into a continuous process. Questions will be raised relating to process engineering as well as engineering science. The aim of this project phase is to provide a pilot plant combining both techniques

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